Why Dive with Us?

Why Dive with Us?

Our small, tight-knit team of qualified Instructors and Divemasters really cares about customer service.  We keep small dive groups for courses and fun dives, and will always choose quality over convenience.  We do not want to be just another scuba dive factory.  Small groups make it much easier to learn, so you can get the most benefit from the courses we teach.  For certified divers, we will group you together with other divers of similar experience level.  That is true even if it requires making smaller groups than our maximum of four divers for one guide.

Whether you are trying scuba diving for the first time or you want to continue your education with a SSI dive course or SSI specialty course, we will teach you in a patient, safe, and fun way.  If you are already certified to scuba dive and just want to enjoy some fun dives, we have daily trips to the beautiful dive sites of different islands in Semporna.


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