Why we are expensive than others (Scuba Dive Course)?

Why we are expensive than others (Scuba Dive Course)?

That’s the common question we have been asked after we submitted the price. A lot of you thought we are the con shop or black market trying to suck up the student’s money. Let us explain…

We have reasons here.

1. When you enrol your open water course, we need to spend a half day for your theory gone through, checking your online study progression and equipments assemble on the first day of your arrival, then only we go for 3 days full day course underwater in the beautiful island which take at least 45-50 mins of boat ride for one way. We don’t have sea shore in Semporna Town for your confined water, and we don’t do it in Swimming pool either. The costs are incur with all your boat trips with petrol! 

2. We insist 3 days Open Water underwater skills training in our syllabus to ensure our student is confident and aware of the risk underwater. We want the student have the best performance of buoyancy! Total of 8 dives of the course seems not sufficient to some other students probably. If you only go for the underwater skill training for 2 days or 1 and half days, are you sure you are confident to dive? Man.. it sounds scary! If you have bad buoyancy, it can cause yourself panic to ascend fast or to kick the corals badly! 

3. We are expensive! Just to remind you everyone has different understandings of skills during courses, some catches up fast and some might still need more few times to repeat. We are not manufacture factory, therefore, we need to spend times to trim everyone to the following progression. You won’t be left out if you are too slow! The class is designed only up to max 4 students per class! You will be well taken care of. Fair to everyone! 

4. Yeah! Dude, we are not expensive as if you are only 1 student in the class, we will not charge you additional fees or cancel your trip out of sudden. We guarantee your course is on going according to your booking!

5. Our Scuba Dive Instructors are very experience with teaching! Their job scopes are tough including to take care of your safety during course conducting! They have to ensure every single skill is not missed out or wrong interpretation when deliver to you! They work in salty water everyday regardless of sunshine, raining, or strong wind…. If they are caught with FLU, COLDNESS, OR STOMACH PAIN they still need to complete their course to make sure you can be certified! Therefore we pay high salary to them based on their hard works and high risks! You won’t want to get paid cut either when you have good performance in higher risk evnviroment in your company right? Same to us!

6. We do a lot of hard work maintenance on our facilities. Our speed boat is sent for the boat maintenance every single 100 hour to our speedboat to ensure your journey with minimal risk. We fix the dive equipments immediately and effectively once we found faulty of the gears! And for sure, we always prepare an extra spare of dive sets and cylinder tank on boat to avoid any faulty found on your dive equipments!

Ooh by the way, we have fully equipped O2 and First Aid Kit on board.

We don’t want to disappoint your dives!

Feel Free to buzz us for more details of your Open Water Course! We will reply as fast as we could to give you a clearer picture!

email: showey@seabunny-scubacations.my or seabunnyscuba@gmail.com

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