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Seabunny Scubacations has limited passenger numbers to ensure personalised service and attention. Whether you choose to snorkel or dive, with an amazing array of quality reef sites, attentive and friendly crew, the comforts aboard and our special permit to swim with the turtles, we offers you the perfect setting to enjoy a day on the islands of Semporna.

Our selection of Island Day Tours will allow you to visit the islands on Semporna. All the islands are also a particularly good choice of location for nervous snorkelers or for families with small children, as they will allow you to begin to learn to snorkel from the shallow waters surrounding the cay or island itself. If diving is not your thing then join one of our daily snorkelling trips to Semporna’s Islands. You will be amazed by the diversity and colour found in the reserve’s clear shallow waters.

Whilst snorkelling you are supervised by qualified snorkel staff who will ensure you get the most from your trip to the islands.

You may book our tour packages online through here which is efficient and easy.

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