New Norm of Scuba Dive and Snorkelling

New Norm of Scuba Dive and Snorkelling

Guys, Covid-19 has brought us into a pandemic and it has become in our lives. Take the precautious during you plan for next trip on scuba diving or snorkelling. A new norm of SOP has been implemented in our daily routine and also your excursion trips in future.

We have some tips here to share with you guys about the hygiene and self discipline during the planned dive.

  1. Check in and scan our QRcode for the record purposes before you ride on the boat. That’s compulsory.
  2. Wear a mask during boating and waiting in jetty.
  3. Check your body temperature. Below 37.5ºC is allowed to proceed your journey.
  4. Wash or sanitise your hands before boarding and touch your dive equipments.
  5. Do not spit saliva on your mask for anti-fogging. We have prepare the soap detergents for your anti-fogging.
  6. Practise the social distancing at least 1m apart from others.
  7. Bring your own mouth-piece for your scuba dive or snorkelling.

Stay Safe! Dive Safe! Bon Voyage.

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