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About us

About us


Seabunny Scubacations (SBS) is a Private Limited company incorporated at the Registrar of Companies through the foresight and vision of the ocean lovers, meanwhile, it is also a travel business that assembles and delivers premium educational adventure experiences to groups of 6-60 years old demographic. In industry terms, we are classified as an eco tour operator based in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia established in 2019. We aim to be a global premium brand and a worldwide leader in creating opportunities to enjoy, meet, share and discover the world with other passionate travellers through stylish and sealife informative experiences. We also deliver a positive, informative and knowleadgeable experience from the beginning of the journey to the end.

We are born as ocean lovers and became leisure divers and being passionates of loving our motherland – Malaysia. We are a community of travellers and hosts deeply concerned about the biodiversity loss globally. Being part of divers in these few years, we decided to use tourism as a tool to bring people together, connect and strengthen local communities and empower them to protect nature – the marine conservation and environmental ocean pollution recently. We are not only transform travel into a conduit for knowledge learning, we also can achieve the joyous – the traveller enjoys the day trip meanwhile learning some knowledge that can bring them a memorable and meaningful journey.

We will provide a quality service with prestige value – the marine conservation and environmental sustainability. Our prices will be out of reach for the majority of adventure travellers.

Seabunny Scubacations is also the diving centre with the qualification of SSI. We are located in Celebes Sea, in the Semporna town, Sabah. We have modern facilities prepared for the most demanding divers. We follow SSI’s quality and safety standards in training and diving education. SSI is own of the world’s biggest and most important diving organisation whose qualifications are recognised worldwide. Only experienced professional instructors give courses in Seabunny Scubacations.

SSI Diving School Facility

Modern purpose built dive training facility and air conditioned classroom.

Personalised Learning Experience

1:4 student to certified dive instructor ratio, which allows for the best possible learning experience.

Access to the islands surround in Semporna

Located on the door step of the Semporna, we access to a spectacular array of dive sites and the regions.

Location, location, location

Semporna is the perfect holiday destination, with a wide range of accommodation choices and located close to the reef and the rainforest.

Our Crew Members

Our staff is friendly and highly qualified. Our instructors can converse in minimum 2 different languages.

We are the expertise to provide the junior professional diving certification courses, but also we arrange the leisure day trip activitives such as leisure dive, discover scuba dive or snorkelling for the travelers, in the different islands surrounded in Semporna. Our staff is professionally trained to help customers enjoy the adventurous trip in the beautiful turquoise ocean with colourful sea life animal.

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